Abrasive Tex Sheets

Abrasive handpads made from?Tex / Scotchbrite material used for grain finishing on your workpiece.? Recommendations

  • Removing weld discolouration - Very Fine A Strong pads (maroon / dark red)
  • Graining 240 grit stainless - Medium S hand pads (black)
  • General purpose cleaning and blending? - GP (green)
  • non-scratch cleaning surface prep - Tex non-abrasive pads (white)

Handpads are available in a wide range of grades which include aluminium oxide which are primarily used on stainless steel, metals, hard and soft woods, for car repair and on lacquers and varnishes.

Require a tex sheet or handpad not?listed below?? Please ask as our factory can cut any product to virtually size.

Alternatively, we supply abrasive cloth sheets and abrasive paper sheets.??

Abrasive Tex Sheets

Abrasive Tex Sheets FAQs

  • Are Tex handpads safe for use on stainless steel?

    Yes.? All of our nonwoven / tex handpads are designed to be safe for use on stainless steel without causing any free iron contamination.

  • Which hand pad should I use to blend with a 240 grit satin finish on stainless steel?

    Many people have been sold the dark red / maroon pads for 240 grit finishing but it leaves a brighter, finer finish than the parent metal.? The Black Medium S pads are much closer in finish and therefore easier to blend with the parent metal.? SKU:? TEX/SM/224158

  • Which hand pad should I use for putting a 320 grit satin finish on stainless steel?

    The very fine A Strong hand pads give a slightly finer finish than the black Medium S pads so they are ideal for blending a 320 grit finish.? SKU:? TEX/AVFSTRONG/224158